Q & A

 Q: I am interested in playing.  What do I do?

    A: Contact the league office and/or one of the coaches listed.


 Q: When do I report?

   A: First weekend in June


Q: Is there a league All-Star game? 

   A: Yes on a date TBD


Q:  Do I need a car?

   A: No, while it would be helpful, we expect many of your teammates will have vehicles and you should have the ability to car pool.  A car would be beneficial however.


Q: Can I request a roommate? 

   A: Yes, just let us know and we will take care of it for you.


Q: Do I have to live on the league supplied housing?

    A: No.  There is a separate price for players not needing to use our housing.


Q: What do I need to bring?

   A: Basically report as if you were going to college.  Bedding, tolietries, etc.


Q: Will I find out who I will be living with so we can coordinate things?

   A: Yes.  A few weeks prior to the season starting we will send out housing assigments with contact information.


Q: What is provided for at the college?

   A: Fitness center, student union access inclduing basketball and racquetball courts, volleyball courts, running track, swimming pool, field and batting cage access, microwave/fridge combo in room, wi-fi, cable hookups, laundry room, foosball, pool, ping-pong, and shuffleboard tables.


Q: Is there an opportunity to get meals in the college's dining hall.

   A: In 2018, part of your housing fee will again INCLUDE two meals per day at the college dining hall.  A cold breakfast will be offered as well lunch.  Typical daily lunch menu to include deli sandwich line, burgers, hot dogs, a salad buffet, bagels, cereal, yogurt, cookies, pastas, pizza, a specialty item of the day, ice cream, and drinks.  


Q: What types of bats are allowed?

   A: All types of wood and composite wood are allowed.  The VBCBL will provide composite wood bats but you are also welcome to bring your own.


Q:  What is provided to the players as baseball equipment?

   A:  Each player will receive 2 sets of uniform pants, 2 sets of jerseys, shorts, a hat, socks, and a belt.  


Q: What are team colors of the jerseys?

   A: Each team will get a black jersey shirt (for away games) plus a home shirt based on the following:

Suns (Orange), Fightin Crabs (Red), Sea Monsters (Lime Green), Waves (Tropic Blue), Bluefish (Light Blue), Pelicans (Gold), Seagulls (Vegas Gold), Flyin Fish, Whalers, Dolphins, Rays, Sharks


Q: Are there jobs available?

   A: While the VBCBL doesn't provide jobs, there may be an opportunity to make a few dollars around the ball fields,  In addition, there are summer jobs available in the area.


Q:  Will there be trainers at games?

   A: Trainers will be provided for most games that takes place at VWU. 


Q:  What is the deal with the raffle tickets that helps me offset my costs?

     A:  To help offset the cost of the league, players will also recieve an amount of $20 raffle tickets equal to their fees to sell which have great prizes.  The players KEEP the money for the tickets they sell and just turn in the stubs.  In essence if they sell them all, they would be basically playing and living for free.  These tickets will be mailed home to you as soon as your payments are made.